What is Carfound?

Carfound is a personal car finding service. We offer a highly personalised car buying experience to help you find, buy and drive away your dream car at a great price.

We were built on our pure passion and love for cars and all things automotive. We're proper petrolheads and wanted to translate our love of cars into a disruptive business model that takes all the pain out of buying a car.

Whilst we're relatively new in the market, our founder, Faisal Aiman has been sourcing cars for our clients for nearly 15 years. Our clients keep coming back due to the exceptional quality of cars, personalised service and significant savings we consistently deliver.

Why use Carfound?

We know how difficult the car purchasing journey is and often you don't know where to start. This is why we've made it our mission to deliver the easiest and most enjoyable car buying experience to all our clients. We offer a personalised car buying experience that's tailored to your needs. Put simply, Carfound is the smart way to buy your next car.

We remove all the difficulties from your car buying experience such as:

  • Affording your desired car
  • Choosing the right model and features
  • Negotiating price
  • Finding reliable and trustworthy dealers
  • Managing car maintenance costs
  • Trade-in value of your existing car
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of warranty
  • Preparing and obtaining necessary documents and approvals.

And deliver a highly personalised, effortless car buying experience that:

  • Saves time and effort in researching and visiting multiple dealerships
  • Offers access to a wider selection of cars, including hard-to-find models
  • Provides competitive pricing through bulk purchasing power and industry relationships
  • Offers unbiased, professional advice and support throughout the car buying process
  • Streamlines the buying process and eliminates the hassle of negotiating with multiple dealers
  • Provides peace of mind by thoroughly inspecting and verifying the car's history and condition before delivery.